READful thoughts from Bookingham Palace

I like books. A lot. That pretty much sums it up.

I didn't know I was SAGArving til I tasted you...

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Hailee Steinfeld anyone? No? Okay then...this is awkward. 


ANYWAYS...this was my first foray into graphic novels and, wow, was it spectacular!!! The illustrations are absolutely fantastic. I mean, just look at this shit:


As a lover of the traditional novel and lots of meaty details, I didn't know how I would fare in a book that is almost exclusively dialogue, but this storyline was so solid! I didn't feel like I was missing anything from a traditional format.  


The Romeo-and-Juliet-esque love story could have been cliche, but it wasn't; there were so many twists and turns that I didn't know what to expect (I love that); and the creativity behind the conceptualization of these alien worlds and alien species is breath-taking! 


It's violent and very sexual, but I'm totally okay with that. Plus, HELLO, a woman is fucking breast-feeding on the cover. Just...yes.

Gillian, you're a f*cking psycho...and I love it!

The Grownup - Gillian Flynn

Super short - read this in less than an hour. But yeah, typical Gillian. You know there's going to be a twist, so you keep waiting for it and trying to figure it out, and damn if she doesn't just surprise you anyways! And even when the twist is it really what it seems? Okay, now we know. Oh wait, maybe we...don't?

I'm having mixed feelings...

The Queen's Poisoner (The Kingfountain Series Book 1) - Jeff Wheeler

I read this book quickly and didn't get bored, so I must have liked it....right? The premise is solid, and I enjoyed reading the author's note about his inspiration for the story line and the characters. Put several things in perspective for me. It's certainly not the most sophisticated or epic piece of fantasy I've ever read, but it's a good story. And I found myself drawn to several of the characters. Wheeler does tend toward the more shallow, "light" descriptions, so it left me wanting at certain points. I'm a fan of series' like Outlander, ok? I like lots of meaty details! But I know that's not for everyone. Anyways...I've consistently seen that the second book is even better so I'm really looking forward to that!